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Benzoic acid 5% + Zinc - Acne Treatment (Night)

Benzoic acid 5% + Zinc - Acne Treatment (Night)

R 159.99

Benzoic acid has been recognized for its powerful ability to treat acne. It's antimicrobial properties help control the growth of acne-causing bacteria. Additionally, benzoic acid exhibits mild exfoliating effects, promoting the removal of dead skin cells and preventing pore blockages that contribute to the development of acne.

100% Natural, Harsh Chemical-free, Alcohol-free, pH Tested, Vegan

DIRECTIONS: Apply after cleansing at night. Use sunscreen the next day.

INGREDIENTS: Aqua, Glycerin, Benzoic Acid, Propanediol, Cetyl Alcohol, Pola Wax, Geogard 221, Citric Acid, Helianthus Annuus (sunflower) Seed Oil, Azadirachta Indica Juss (neem) Oil, Lactic Acid, Eucalyptus Oil, Zinc Oxide, Tea Tree Hydrosol 

PACKAGING: 50 ml glass jar 

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