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Azelaic Acid 14% Serum

Azelaic acid is a first-line defense for melasma, rosacea and acne. 

Apella Skin's Azelaic Acid Serum is formulated with the highest non-prescrip…

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Hyaluronic Acid 2% + Witch Hazel Serum On Sale

Hyaluronic acid, a powerful ingredient known for its ability to retain moisture and plump the skin. It helps to replenish and restore the skin's natu…

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Kojic Acid 2% Serum

2% Pure Kojic Acid with Gluconolactone effectively reduces dark spots, discoloration, hyperpigmentation and removes dead skin cells leaving you with …

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Rice Milk + Niacinamide 5% Night Serum

This serum is lovingly crafted with rice milk, an ingredient known for its nourishing and moisturizing properties. It helps to remove dark spots and …

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Salicylic acid 2% serum

Experience the versatility of Salicylic Acid in addressing various skin concerns. Transition into a skincare routine where hyperpigmentation, blemish…

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Lactic Acid 10% Serum

View product results above. 

This medium strength exfoliating acid improves dullness and uneven texture leaving skin feeling firm and smooth with…

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Vitamin C 10% Serum

Vitamin C stands as a skincare luminary. It brightens your complexion, promoting a radiant and even skin tone. 

• Combats free radicals, protecti…

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Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% Serum

Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) boasts antioxidant benefits, combating free radicals that contribute to premature aging. This protective action aids in redu…

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Benzoic acid 5% + Zinc - Acne Treatment (Night)

Benzoic acid has been recognized for its powerful ability to treat acne. It's antimicrobial properties help control the growth of acne-causing bacter…

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Brightening face scrub - Vitamin C & Turmeric

Apella Skin's Vitamin C and Turmeric Face Scrub removes dead cells to reveal your skin's radiance from the first wash. 

Its skin-loving texture i…

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Brightening Clay Mask - Vitamin C 15% & Turmeric

Vitamin C & Turmeric are strong antioxidants that not only reduces dark spots but also helps in preventing melanin generation. This Brightening C…

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SPF 50 with Niacinamide & Zinc

Formulated with Niacinamide and Zinc, this ultra-breathable mineral SPF checks every box. The airy-light cream texture gives you a smooth, weightless…

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