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Azelaic Acid 14% Serum

Azelaic acid is a first-line defense for melasma, rosacea and acne. 

Apella Skin's Azelaic Acid Serum is formulated with the highest non-prescrip…

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Sea Moss Cleansing Bar

Indulge in the nourishing benefits of sea moss with our luxurious Sea Moss Cleansing Bar. Made with ethically-sourced, all-natural ingredients that w…

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Brightening Kojic Acid + Papaya

This skin brightening sheet mask contains pure kojic acid, a naturally derived ingredient that helps reduce the appearance of dark spots, that result…

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Glass Skin Rice Milk Sheet Mask

Transform dull and tired skin into healthy, moisturised skin in as little as 20 minutes!


100% Natural, Harsh Chemical-free, Alcohol-fre…

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Watermelon Lip Balm

10% of sales goes towards the Palestinian Relief Fund hosted by Gift of the Givers. 

Apella Skin's Watermelon Lip Balm helps protect against chap…

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Tea Tree Acne Serum On Sale

This mild formula is enriched with Tea Tree extract, a gentle yet powerful acne fighter. The texture is light and non-greasy, easy to be absorbed by …

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Lactic Acid 10% Serum

View product results above. 

This medium strength exfoliating acid improves dullness and uneven texture leaving skin feeling firm and smooth with…

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